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About Us


Spry's Shorthorns is a progressive beef cattle enterprise owned and operated by two generations of the Spry family. Gerald and Lynden Spry's southern base, "Ardlui" in Wagga Wagga, NSW was established in1986. It was the dispersal of the "Darweena" herd, owned by Eddie & Helen Spry that paved the way for the expansion of Spry's Shorthorns.

The commercial success of Spry's provided the foundation for a second operation in northern NSW.

The decision to expand the business was based on two significant factors. Firstly, the expansion into the north provided a convenient and accessible location for buyers from the New England, Central New South Wales and Queensland districts.

In addition, both operations offer up markedly different seasonal and climatic conditions. This creates an opportunity to develop a broader genetic pool that will adapt to the varying needs of clients.

Spry's Shorthorns are committed to using innovative research and technology to both improve their herd stock and to provide clients with the technical data to further improve their breeding program.